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Mobile Expo Constructions

  1. Expo Star

    Expo Star

    Introducing the most popular Pop-Up System in the world. The self-attaching mechanism uses magnetic striping to assemble the Pop-Up module components together. More
  2. Expo Prestige

    Expo Prestige

    Top of the line foldable mobile stands. High quality, flexible with the possibility for custom configurations and additional accessories. More/a>
  3. EchoFix


    Especially strong construction offering a lit version and a briefcase mobility option. More
  4. Echo Highline

    Expo Highline

    Developed for places requiring formal professional presentation, the HighLine offers exactly that with great mobility and functionality. More
  1. Expo round

    Expo Round

    Stands and pedestals, customized to individual heights. Components are made of strong and durable materials for multi-use projects. More
  2. Quickfix


    Fast and easy to build and install, the QuickFix is ready to use in less than a minute! Textile advertisements are incorporated in the folding system and are easy to exchange. More
  3. Quickfix expression

    QuickFix Expression

    Express yourself! Offers both speedy installs and unforgettable appearance! More
  4. Towerfix


    The TowerFix acts as a lighthouse, adding visibility, a warm welcome at the entrance or a finishing touch to any show or presentation. More